Part Manufacturer Part Number / Link
Anti Lift Kit Whiteline KCA359M
Steering Rack Bushings Whiteline KSR207
Roll Center/Bump Steer Kit Whiteline KCA313
Transmission Crossmember Bushings Whiteline W92829
Trailing Arms Whiteline KTA108
Rear Subframe Lock Whiteline KSB750
Toe Adjuster Locks Whiteline KCA377
Camber Adjuster Locks Whiteline KCA414
Front Sway Bar Whiteline BSF36XXZ
Sway Bar End Links Whiteline KLC139
Rear Sway Bar Whiteline BSR37XXZ
Rear Sway Bar Bracket Whiteline KBR21-24
Coilovers KW 35245814
Strut Tower Brace Whiteline KSB568
Rear Strut Tower Brace Whiteline KSB511
Exhaust Greddy
Intake Cobb SUB00001IA
Radiator Koyo KOYVH091672
Intercooler Greddy 12020489
Oil Cooler Greddy GR-12064605
Blow Off Valve Synapse DV001A.005
Radiator Hoses HPS 57-1811-BLK
Brakes Stoptech STO83.838.6700.R1
Downpipe Cobb 524210
Injectors Injector Dynamics 1050.
Fuel Pump AEM 315450
Turbo Arm Perrin PSP-INT-401BK
Air Oil Separator Crawford
Master Cylinder Brace Perrin PSP-BRK-403
Crank Pulley Fluidampr FDR531101
Turbo Precision 10520301726
Exhaust Manifold MXP MXP.MXHDGRBE
Turbo Arm Perrin PSP-INT-410BK
Catch Can Radium
Flex Fuel Cobb SUBFFGD001
Engine Management Cobb AP3-SUB-004
Sensor Cobb 715750
Front Strut Tower Brace Cusco 667 540 A
Rear Strut Triangle Bar Cusco 660 544 A
Rear Strut Tower Brace Cusco 666-541-A
Lower Center Brace Cusco 672 492 C
Lower Arm Bar Cusco 666 477 A
Lower Rear Brace Cusco 672 492 R
Trunk Brace Cusco 672 492 RTL HD
Fender Brace Ultra Racing UR-FD3-903P
Tires Falken FAL-34309
Ignition Ignition Projects IP-M136401Q
Cam Shafts GSC GSC7025S2
Valve Springs GSC GSC5743
Intake Valve GSC GSC2014-8
Exhaust Valve GSC GSC2013-01
Valve Guides GSC 3026-8
Clutch XClutch XCLUXKSU23531-2G
Injectors Injector Dynamics 1300.48.11.WRX.4
TGV Delete Kit IAG IAG-AFD-3040SL
MAP Sensor Cobb COB A12700
Fuel Hangar Radium rad20-0342-02
Oil Pan IAG IAG-ENG-2202SL
Oil Pump IAG IAG-ENG-2240
Air Oil Separator  IAG IAG-ENG-7181
Engine Mounts IAG IAG-DRV-2000
Pitch Stop Mount IAG IAG-DRV-2200BK
Undertray IAG IAG-BDY-1100
Coolant Overflow Cobb COBB800630
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